Nicola Di Caprio

Caserta - Italy
Nicola Di Caprio

The work of NDC discusses and investigates the imagery of popular culture (art, music, films, literature, news, etc.) through paintings, collages, installations, sculptures, photographs, performances, concerts, actions. His work tends to mix the fluid contemporary life with the symbology of popular codes; a particular attention is given to the world of popular music (rock, jazz, electronic) as a social and anthropological phenomenon. 

NDC plays drums and percussions. He has founded SUPERTESTE (key witness), a musical project that involves musicians of different styles, performers and dancers or solo act. The music that is generated, displays elements of rock, jazz, noise, electronics with an approach of "free form".

NDC teaches at IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin Italy the course “Music and Images”. 

He is a skilled graphic designer and visual art director.

He lives and works in Milan, Italy and Paris France.

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