Dorian X

Milan - Italy
Dorian X

Dorian X is a pen name for an artist from Milan that signs his works from the beginning of the third millennium.
Near the last generation mood of the contemporary society, addicted to an illimitant image pleasure, Dorian X wants to suggest to his public his peculiar pictorial art, mostly unconventional and ironically irreverent.
At the same time of his ordinary job, Dorian X published 4 *mistery* novels of the series "*Le indagini di Nero Menfi*" for the Esanicolao Edizioni, Milan, then he exhibited his paintings with personal and collective exhibitions in an art gallery in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Paris.
A concise catalogue of his works is published by Mondobizzarro Gallery, Rome.


2003 - MILANO, galleria Babele (Solo Exhibition)
2003 - BOLOGNA, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery / Kali yuga (Solo Exhibition)
2003 - MILANO, Galleria Babele / Angeli (Group Exhibition)
2005 - ROMA, Galleria Mondo Bizzarro /Apocalypse Painting (Group Exhibition)
2006 - PARIS, Deborah Zafman Gallery - Chatte eye (Group Exhibition)
2007 - ROMA, Casa delle Culture, Cherry Doc's (Solo Exhibition)
2007 - MILANO, Teatro Litta, Solaris (Solo Exhibition)
2007 - ROMA, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery : Bestie, Uomini, Dei
2008 - LONDON, / Dorian X
2010 - AMSTERDAM, SAG / Erotic Museum: 21st Century Sexy Art (Group Exhibition)
2010 - ROMA , Mondo Bizzarro Gallery - ULTRA EROTICA (Group Exhibition)
2010 - PIETRASANTA , Gestalt Gallery - SATYRICON (Solo Exhibition)
2010 - AMSTERDAM , Art Fair Amsterdam, Artequadri (Group Exhibition)
2011 - Pechino 14^ New Beijing International Art Expo (group exhibition)
2011 - Bassano del Grappa, Museo Civico, Vulpes Pilum Mutare (group exhibition)
2011 - Koln Blooom Art Show , Infart (group exhibition)
2012 - Erba / Villa Gariboldi Vittadini / Solo show
2012 - Bassano del Grappa – Museo Civico / Past Forward (group exhib.)
2012 - Macerata /ADAM Accademia – S’ex Upim (group exhibition)
2013 - New York Contemporary Art Biennal / Contest End and Over (group exhibition)
2013 - Roma- What a Wonderful World / Galleria 291 Est / a cura di Pietro Franesi (solo exhibition)
2013 - Milano – Carta Canta /Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (collettiva)
2014 - Milano, The Don Gallery / Cinema Inferno, a cura di Giacomo Spazio
2014 - Forte dei Marmi / Pietrasanta / Gestalt Gallery, Superheroes 2.0 (collettiva) a cura di Silvia Fabbri


Artworks by: 

Dorian X Works

Superman The Saviour
Superman The Saviour - Dorian X
Cain & Abel
Cain & Abel - Dorian X
Cherry Docs
Cherry Docs - Dorian X
Cherry Docs 3
Cherry Docs 3 - Dorian X
Contemporary Martyrs 1
Contemporary Martyrs 1 - Dorian X
Eros & Psyche
Eros & Psyche cm - Dorian X
Hoc Est Corpus Meum
Hoc Est Corpus Meum - Dorian X
Homofobia - Dorian X
Housewife Martyr
Housewife Martyr - Dorian X
Jacobes vs Angel
Jacobes vs Angel - Dorian X
Judith Slaying Holofernes
Judith Slaying Holofernes - Dorian X
St Sebastian Martyr
St Sebastian Martyr - Dorian X
St.Johns Apocalypse
St.Johns Apocalypse - Dorian X
The New Inquisitions
The New Inquisitions - Dorian X
Venus Nativity
Venus Nativity - Dorian X