Eloisa Gobbo

Padova - Italy
Eloisa Gobbo

Eloisa Gobbo is an Italian artist currently based in Padua, Italy. 
In recent years, she has expressed her creativity using different media such as painting, sculpture and digital graphic artworks. Her main interest is in decoration as a form of expression of personal and social content and repeated pattern, which make a colourful show in her paintings and carpets. Her work has been noted for its use of colour, the incorporation of motifs from both Eastern and Western decorative tradition and popular culture, and for its flat surfaces. Among the recurring motifs are flowers, abstract, geometric and organic ornaments, arabesques, popular logos, maps, characters and signs. The artists' inspirations are not always immediately apparent until examined closely. For instance some artworks tell a story without words or promote a personal point of view.

Eloisa Gobbo has won some competitions to create public works of art, such as those for the Pile-dweller Museum (Museo palafitticolo di Fiavè) in Trento or for a Nursery School in Ravina, Trento. In 2009 her work was shortlisted for the prestigious Fabbri Prize (Premio Fabbri terza edizione, Bologna).

She has given several solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, among the most important of these public shows were "Pop Up Italian Show" Hubei Museum of Art, Cina (2014), "Italian Newbrow", Civic Museum of Palazzo Volpi, Como (2012), "Arte italiana 1968-2007 Pittura" Royal Palace Milan (2007), The "Prague 's Biennial 4", Karlin Hall, Praga (2009).

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Eloisa Gobbo Works

Fior di Teschio
Fior di Teschio - Eloisa Gobbo
Paradiso Infernale
Paradiso Infernale - Eloisa Gobbo